Dorset's Leading Dog Trainer and Clinical Behaviourist

Effective, Kind & Fun

How I Can Help

I offer a range of services to cover every aspect of dog training and behaviour.

Qualified and Experienced

I am a qualified and experienced trainer and clinical behaviourist. I have a Biology degree from Cardiff University and an Animal Behaviour Master’s degree. I am currently studying for a level six (postgraduate) diploma specifically in canine behaviour. 

I have experience with working one-on-one to help more than two thousand dogs, to date, across the full breadth of training needs and behavioural challenges.

Why Activdogs?


Methods that work. I won't ever promise instant results, but I will guarantee a better bond with your dog.

Force Free

Kind and gentle, using positive reinforcement to encourage the behaviours we want. All of the science tells us that this is how we all learn best.


A confidence building approach to training that truly allows you and your to have the very best relationship with your dog.


Understanding what makes you dog tick and using the best, scientifically proven methods to communicate and train with your dog.

What People Say
We were almost at the point of considering rehoming one of our dogs before we contacted Steven, but now we are confident that we can manage the problems we had & I feel that the bond between me & my dog is stronger than ever.
Working with Steven has been nothing but a pleasure. Steven is kind, approachable and honest and demonstrates incredible knowledge and passion for his job.
Jack & Sophie
Steven has been absolutely amazing and we are so thankful for all his invaluable help. Steven provided unparalleled expertise, guidance and support throughout our entire training.
Stef & Alex