Whistle Training – Choosing The Right Whistle for you Dog


You’ve read my post on 5 good reasons to try whistle training and you’ve decided to give it a go, but which whistle do you need.

A quick trip to your local pet shop will reveal a number of different options including the ‘silent’ dog whistle, the whistle / clicker combo and maybe even the referee style whistle. They all would work to an extend, but by far the best dog whistle is the ACME pealess whistle1.

“ACME dog training whistles offer a consistent sound which doesn’t change depending on the person blowing it or how it is blown. Consistency is one of the most important factors in dog training, and a consistent dog training whistle reduces confusion your dog may experience during sessions. These whistles are weather-proof and the sound carries very well in all conditions; they are ideal when using positive reinforcement techniques and can be used for close in and long distance work”.

Which ACME Whistle should I get.

The pealess whistles comes in a number of different pitches. The pitch you use doesn’t matter hugely, however they are aimed at certain breeds. Essentially, the higher the number, the lower the pitch and therefore the further the sound travels.

The 210.5 ‘Spaniel’ whistle – this is probably the most universal whistle, it is the highest pitch (although, nothing like a silent dog whistle) and is best for recalling dogs that don’t go too far – like most spaniels. I use the 210.5 as my main whistle.

The 211.5 ‘Labrador’ whistle– a little lower in pitch so carries a little further as a lab will tend to work a little further away than a spaniel, another good general purpose whistle suitable for all breeds including hounds and the herding breeds (not just Labradors) and less common than the spaniel whistle.

The 212 ‘pro-trialler’ whistle– the lowest of the common pitches of whistle to carry the furthest distances. the pro-trailler is also know as the pointer whistle as pointers (and all HPR’s) are the gundog breeds that will work at the greatest distance. This whistle is also the most effective on windy days so a good choice if you live somewhere near the coast or on a high, open spot.

If you aren’t sure which whistle would work best for you and for your dog, please get in touch so I can point you in the right direction.

Happy Whistle Training.

  1. I am not affiliated to ACME in any way, they are just the best tools for the job. ↩︎

Update: ACME have just released a new range of whistles called the “Alpha – lead your pack” whistles, which is a very disappointing name given all the knowledge that’s out there that completely debunks the alpha/theory that has blighted dog training for so long. If you do purchase one of the new Alpha whistle, please be aware that the pitch may not be identical to the corresponding whistle from the original range.

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