Home Boarding

An exclusive service for Activdogs Clients.

Much more than just kennels. Whilst you are away, I will stay with your dog in your own home. This service is strictly for dogs (and their families) I have worked with in the past.

I will look after your dog as if they were my own, ensuring that your dog has the right sort of physical and mental enrichment, through a combination of training, playtime and rest.

from £45 per 24hr*

* Additional dogs from the same household £15 per dog, up to a maximum total of 3 dogs.

A step-by-step guide to Home Boarding

Complete the enquiry form here with the date(s) you are interested in. Each day is generally booked in 24 hour blocks, although we can discuss your exact need and tailor the boarding to your requirement.

I will make sure I know everything I need to know to make sure your dog has a fun, fulfilling and safe time whilst you are away. I will ask you to complete a pre-stay form, arrange for keys etc. and raise an invoice.

If your dog suffers with separation anxiety or has complex behavioural challenges, we will plan to ensure I can be with your dog the entire time you are away.

I will arrive at the agreed time and stay at your house with your dog until you return. You can then focus on being away. 

I can be as self-sufficient as you need me to be . Where I have other training sessions, and if appropriate, I may leave your dog for short periods during the day.

I will take your dog out for walks and, if needed, hold several short training sessions.

I will arrange for the handover of keys etc. and give you a short debrief on all they we have done whilst you were away.