Puppy Socialisation Checklist

Labrador Puppy

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Socialisation is a crucial part of puppyhood as it is how they learn to relate to people, other animals and things appropriately.  The process of socialisation involves your puppy becoming used to a wide range of things, places, and situations.

Whilst puppies are very young, they are often more open and accepting of new experiences. While there isn’t a hard and fast time frame, generally, the first sixteen weeks of a puppy’s life are the most crucial time for socialisation.

A dog’s experiences in puppyhood can affect their entire life. It is the time for us, as puppy guardians, to be proactive and prevent problem behaviours from developing.

Please remember!

  • Exposure alone is not socialisation
  • Your puppy is the only one who can decide if an experience is positive.
  • You must NEVER force your puppy into an interaction.
  • Always start at a distance from new things and only get closer if your puppy is happy to do so.


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